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Vocational Training "ROCKS"

Finish Your Training Faster

A huge advantage of vocational training is that your program is accelerated. While a traditional college spends a lot of time on theory, vocational schools typically focus on what is required in the job market. Vocational programs offer what you need by concentrating on real-life skills. A vocational program is normally over a one to two-year period.

Vocational School Means Jobs

The best way to learn your trade is to"do it". Vocational schools are set up to give you hands-on training and experience. Whether it’s an HVAC technician or healthcare, you are given real-life situations and problem-solving opportunities you don’t get in a strictly academic setting. When people go to a traditional college for their education, they may be prepared for entry-level positions in their area, but learning from a vocational school can give the training employers are looking for.

Practical Training And Career-Focused

You will find that part of your program may include an external segment. This is the perfect way to apply your new skills and receive real-life training. As these are conducted in a controlled environment, you will receive immediate feedback from your school instructor.

This type of training is invaluable, as it can lead to an immediate position right after graduation. This is also a resume builder for a student's future needs.

Learn to Earn

You may start earning right out of graduation from a vocational school. You will have all the skills and hands-on training when you enter the job market and already have some key contacts. Because vocational school training is usually job-specific, you don’t waste a lot of time learning many things you won't need. Your training is targeted and concentrated in your selected field, so you are typically ready to earn money after graduation.

All Learning is Great

Vocational education is getting out in the real world and the workforce. The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) understands you want to better your future. In fact, check out any classroom in a technical school, and you will find students with a degree who realized they also needed practical training, as well or it didn't land them a job. Within a few years, many students seek a four-year degree which is particularly true in the nursing field.

Get Your Trade on

One more advantage of vocational training is that your training is usually focused on careers in demand.   You can upgrade your skills as needed, but your training will lead you to your goal and to work in a career you can be proud of.

Your Donations Will Help Others

For those of you who have graduated already from a vocational school, have you considered donating, so that others will be able to receive a scholarship from (TRVFA) as you did? Every dollar definitely counts and will help TRVFA achieve its 2021-2022 goal of $350,000. 

We want to hear from you. Send us an update. How has vocational training helped you?
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