What Are You Thankful For This Year?
Those of us who volunteer with The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona are thankful we have the opportunity to help individuals improve their ability to earn a living and contribute to our state's economy.  We are proud that many of our grant recipients have chosen vocations that make life better for others.
We would love to post pictures and notes from some of our grant recipients on our website and our social media about the things you are thankful for this year.  Have you been able to do something you could not have afforded to do in the past?  Have you made a difference in someone else's life because your new vocation made doing so possible?
Are you able to put smiles on the faces of your family members in new ways?
Please share some joy by sharing something you are thankful for.  Your thanksgiving notes and photos will enrich the lives of all who see them.
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Funding Activity Through October 31
We are experiencing historically high demand for our grants.  We hope we can count on our readers to reach out to their circle of influence so we can bring in enough new streams of revenue to keep up with meeting the needs we have the opportunity to serve.  CLICK HERE if you'd like to help by making an online donation now or - if you prefer - send a check with our mail-in donation form
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